Driving innovations across diverse industries: SATRAC’s tailored trailers & truck bodies empower every sector.


Empowering the steel industry, SATRAC offers a resilient lineup of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Engineered for efficient and secure steel transportation, our diverse fleet of Trailers & Truck Bodies includes FlatBed Trailers, Side Body Trailers, Semi Low Bed Trailers, Cargo Bodies, and Rigid Flat Beds. With superior strength and durability, our innovative solutions are poised to revolutionise your steel logistics, driving progress and success. Place your trust in SATRAC to forge a future of seamless steel transportation.

Cement & Coal

We specialise in tailoring heavy-duty commercial vehicles to the unique demands of the cement and coal industries. Our exceptional assembly of trailers and truck bodies includes Side Body Trailers, Cargo Bodies, Tippers, and Tip Trailers, purpose-built for flawless transportation of cement, coal, coke, and Iron Ore. With a steadfast commitment to durability, reliability, and efficiency, SATRAC facilitates these sectors with trusted solutions to amplify productivity and fuel success. Entrust the driving force of SATRAC and unlock a new era of industry excellence.


SATRAC customises its formidable range of heavy-duty commercial vehicles to the ever-evolving port industry. Featuring Port Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, and Skeletal Trailers, our fleet optimises efficiency and versatility in port operations. Built to endure, SATRAC vehicles seamlessly handle cargo, transportation, and logistics within port facilities. Embrace our trusted trailers, enabling the smooth flow of goods and elevating performance in the bustling world of ports.


In the realm of mining, SATRAC’s exclusive heavy-duty commercial vehicles outshine all else. Our purpose-built tippers and tip trailers are the epitome of durability and ruggedness, excelling in mining operations. With optimal load capacity and robust construction, SATRAC tippers & trailers ensure efficient transportation of mining materials. Trusted by the industry, our tippers and tip trailers tackle heavy loads and conquer challenging terrains.


SATRAC’s cutting-edge petrol tankers guarantee the secure and seamless transportation of petroleum products. Built with a commitment to reliability, durability, and strict safety standards, our sturdy petrol tankers are trusted by the industry for their robust construction and advanced features. Deliver your petroleum products with unrivalled care and precision, propelling the success of your operations with SATRAC’s advanced petrol tankers.


Delivering excellence to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, SATRAC provides specialised heavy-duty trailers and truck bodies. These include Cargo Bodies, Drive Van Trailers, and Drive Van Trucks. Our reliable and versatile trailers and truck bodies meet unique transportation needs, enabling seamless distribution and timely delivery of FMCG products. Trust SATRAC for efficient logistics and customer satisfaction.

Construction & Aggregates

Our diverse array of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including Flatbed Trailers, Semi-Low Bed Trailers, Rigid Flat Beds, tippers, tip trailers, and Cargo Bodies, caters to the specific requirements of the Construction & Aggregates sector. Built tough, with superior durability and exceptional load handling capabilities, our tippers & trailers empower seamless transportation of construction materials. Trust SATRAC for reliable and robust tippers & trailers to ensure efficiency and precision in material logistics.


Due to the confidential nature of our defense products, we are unable to provide detailed information on our website. For specific inquiries and further details, we encourage you to connect with our dedicated team member, who will be glad to assist you.

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