Design & Manufacturing

Redefining industry standards with design ingenuity and unrivalled innovations.

Design & Innovation

At SATRAC, enhancing efficiency is of utmost importance while manufacturing trailers and truck bodies. With our advanced product-designing, we produce sustainable solutions with increased performance. We reduce calculation time and shorten testing & development cycles, producing superior products in the best turn-around time possible.

A Process Devised to Deliver Perfection

Understanding your requirements

Product designing begins with a comprehensive study of your needs.

Concept ideation & analysis

After a detailed analysis of your needs, we ideate a concept to best meet your demands.

Prototype development

The concept comes to life in the prototype designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology including Finite Element Analysis & Stress/ Strain measurements.

Refinement to produce the perfect product

Finally, we carry out refinements using computer analysis of the chassis frame, body, and components to produce the perfect result.
We believe in taking an exclusive approach to every task we tackle. Operating a state-of-the-art, fully automated production line, we engineer products aimed at enhancing the functionality of trailers, tippers & truck bodies across verticals. Complying with all relevant regulations is paramount to us, which is why we also provide guidance on the Central Motor Vehicles Regulation (CMVR) Act and the corresponding bylaws.

Igniting Innovation, Crafting Dynamic Marvels



SATRAC’s world class manufacturing unit combines ingenuity with methodical production techniques to deliver exceptional results. Being one of the top trailers and truck bodies manufacturers in India, we comprise the best-in-class professionals. Our experienced workforce, supervised by qualified engineers, utilises advanced machines like plasma cutters, robotic SAW welders, and CNC shears to ensure efficiency and precision.

With streamlined manufacturing systems, we prioritise shorter delivery cycles, getting your heavy commercial vehicle on the road faster. A comprehensive inspection method is followed at every step of the way, including material inward, chassis, full body, aggregate assembly, pre-painting, final inspection and testing levels. This guarantees reliability, low maintenance, and outstanding performance.

SATRAC continues to stand tall on its promise of strength, durability, and production excellence.

Skilled & Seasoned Workforce

Advanced Infrastructure with Jigs & Fixtures

Latest Production Techniques and Systems

State-of-the-art CNC Machines & Automation

 Surface Treatment

Going That Extra Mile!

We understand the impact harsh weather conditions can have on your trailers and trucks. Heavy rains, wind, and storms can adversely shorten the lifespan of your vehicles.

At SATRAC, we walk the extra mile to safeguard your assets. Through meticulous measures, we protect them against corrosion and extend the longevity of your trailers and trucks.

Use of Grit-blasted surfaces adhering to SAE standards

Superior surface treatment with high Dry Film Thickness (DFT)

High-adhesion paints & primers procured  from reputed manufacturers & colour-coordinated to match your brand

Special coating like zinc galvanising, enamel, epoxy, poly urethane of the entire structure.

 Quality Control

Meticulous Mastery: Flawless Quality

At SATRAC, quality is our obsession. From manufacturing to final product delivery, we adhere to rigorous quality control aligned with the highest industry standards. Excellence is woven into every aspect of our operations. Every employee here, carries a deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It is this uncompromising dedication that has earned us the prestigious TUV-ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Our work ethos comprises expert professionals who are dedicated to delivering consistent and equal quality in every task. Through close collaboration, we build a proactive partnership with our customers. This helps us foster a quality-driven relationship, delivering products & services par excellence.

SATRAC Quality Checklist

Assessing Design Quality & Performance

Assessing Design Quality & Performance.

High-Quality Aggregates & Components

High-Quality Aggregates & Components

Stringent Material Inspection System

Stringent Material Inspection System

Experienced Quality Inspectors

Experienced Quality Inspectors

 Rigorous Quality Checks at every level

Rigorous Quality Checks at every level

 ISO:9001-2015 & TS16949 Certification

ISO:9001-2015 & TS16949 Certification

Accreditations & Certifications

Throughout our journey, SATRAC has consistently demonstrated a resolute commitment to quality, earning numerous industry accolades. Our products are approved by prestigious automotive agencies such as ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), iCAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology), and Government organisations like CCOE.

IATF 16949:2016

IATF 16949:2016: a highly coveted certification awarded to select automotive for consistently meeting product quality standards in the Automotive Sector.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 awarded for adhering to highly efficient Quality Management Systems.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 awarded for integrating sustainable practices in operations.

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